Mount Osceola Hike

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One of my favorite things about NH is how easy it is to get in some fantastic hiking. This weekend we decided to do our first 4,000 footer for the season and headed for Mount Osceola. Osceola is 4,315ft and is an awesome hike to start the year with as it’s not your typical stair master hike. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the trail but there are all these great brook crossings, little waterfalls and really cool boulders. Huge perk about going this time of year was that there were no bugs! We started late morning and for the most part had the trail to ourselves. At the summit there were probably a dozen people hanging out enjoying the view and having lunch. This link will take you to additional info about the hike and how to get there

Mountain Dog!

Here’s a video from the summit

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s our reward!
Biederman’s Deli in Plymouth for beers and and boa’s!

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